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Registration: Class 22 - Waterfowl Bantam Male

Sponsored by Red Mills

Prizes for Classes 1 – 41:

1st Prize - €15 & Rosette; 2nd Prize - €10 & Rosette; 3rd Prize - €8 & Rosette; 4th Prize – Small Bag of Feed & Rosette

Champions of each section will receive Championship Rosette and reserve

Overall champion will receive Perpetual Shield


Hard Feather: Asil, Indian Game, Old English Game, Shamo, Modern Game, Malay, Jubilee Indial Game.

Light Soft Feather: Ancona, Aracuana, Hamburg, Leghorn, Minorcan, Silkie, Poland, Scots Grey, Vorwek, Scots Dumpy, Sultan.

Heavy Soft Feather: Australop, Barnvelder, Brahama, Croad Langshan, Dorkings, Faverolles, Frizzles, Marans, Orpington, Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, Sussex, Wyandotte, Welsummer.

True Bantam: Pekin, Dutch, Japanese, Sebright, Rosecomb.

Large Waterfowl: Aylesbury, Campbell, Cayuga, Muscovy, Pekin, Saxony, Indian Runner, Bali, Rouen, Silver Appleyard.

Bantam Waterfowl: Black East Indian Call, Crested Miniature, Appleyard (Silver), Silver Bantam

Note: Numbers will be collected on the day in Poultry Marquee. Owners must supply food, drinkers and water for their exhibits after judging is complete. Cages are provided for all birds entered.

Rules & Conditions

1. All entries are the responsibility of the owner & are to be entered in the correct class.

2. All birds must be penned by 10.00am. Judging will begin at 11.00am sharp.

3. Access to the judging area is restricted to the judge & stewards.

4. It is a condition of entry that no bird may be removed before 5.00pm & must be removed before 6.00pm.

5. The Head Steward has the discretion to change birds into a more suitable class if required.

6. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to enter all exhibits in the correct class.

7. The breed name for each exhibit must be given on the entry form.

8. A new class will be created if there are six birds exhibited of the same breed, colour or sex entered in the class by two or more exhibitors. Less than four & the class will be amalgamated.

9. No responsibility will be taken by the Iverk Show for lost exhibits.

10. All birds must be free of illness/mites. Any bird showing signs of disease or ill health will be removed by the head steward & under consultation of the show vet from the tent with no refund of entry fees.

11. All birds must be off heat & over 12 weeks of age.

12. It is recommended that after judging is complete, all cages are secured with cable ties.

13. All cheques/postal orders are to be made payable to Iverk Show.

14. No entries will be taken on the day. Entries close Friday 19th of August.

Please state breed of bird on entry form.

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